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The leading position of the aluminum substrate can not be shaken

Release date:2017-11-06 15:28:20

With the continuous decline of the price of LED lighting products, COB devices must not only maintain the product's yield and stability, but also highlight their advantages in terms of cost-effective products. Only by using the high cost performance heat dissipation substrate material and reducing the cost of COB packaging devices, can we get a certain market share and occupy the leading position in the market.
Among the many heat dissipating substrate materials, the high performance price ratio of the aluminum substrate is obvious.
The aluminum substrate has a good heat dissipation capacity and can be applied to various types and power packaging products. Compared with other cooling substrate materials, aluminum substrate is cheaper and easier for customers to accept, so the products that use aluminum substrate are more suitable for ordinary consumer groups, and the market demand is bigger.
In the previous SMD package, the use of the heat sink substrate is mainly based on the aluminum substrate, and a layer of PCB is added to it. Now, most of the heat dissipation substrate materials used in COB packaging are also used as aluminum substrates.
Of course, the aluminum substrate is also in constant development and evolution. Such as the mirror aluminum as a metal material of aluminum substrate, which can solve the problem of the back-end module is difficult to deal with for the customer, the customer to simplify the cumbersome procedures in the whole production process, and optimize the COB technology itself, the mirror aluminum accounted for in the market is showing a growing trend.
In the supply chain of the COB substrate, the mirror aluminum has not seen any sign of being completely replaced by other substrate materials for the time being. In addition to the large mass production of mirror aluminum by some large packaging manufacturers, small and medium packaging enterprises have not completely transferred to the scale production of mirror aluminum.
At present, the market of aluminum mirror substrate material has many advantages, but with the continuous development of the lighting market continued to rise and the lighting quality requirements, and face the luminous effect of high power, high efficiency COB package pursuit, aluminum substrate material weaknesses also gradually began to highlight.
Of course, no matter the mirror aluminum or the improved mirror aluminum after the refined salt, the essential material is all metal aluminum substrate.
In the current domestic COB packaging market, the leading position of aluminum substrate is still unshakeable.

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