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Properties of aluminum substrate

Release date:2017-11-06 15:24:24

(1) thermal expansibility
Thermal expansion and contraction are the common properties of all materials, and different materials have different thermal expansion coefficients. Because the aluminum substrate can effectively deal with the problem of heat dissipation, so as to alleviate the problem of thermal expansion and shrinkage of different components on PCB, thereby improving the durability and reliability of the whole machine and electronic equipment, especially solving the problem of thermal expansion and cold contraction of SMT (surface mount technology).
(2) dimensional stability
The size stability of the aluminum based PCB is much higher than the printed board of the insulating material. Aluminum Based PCB and aluminum sandwich board are heated to 140~150 C from 30 degrees C, and the size changes to 2.5~3.0%.
(3) heat dissipation
It is well known that many double-sided and multi-layer plates have high density, high power and difficult heat emission. Conventional printed board materials such as FR4 and CEM3 are hot undesirable conductors, interlayer insulation, and heat can not be sent out. The local heating of electronic equipment leads to the failure of electronic components due to high temperature, and the use of aluminum substrate can solve the problem of heat dissipation.
(4) other reasons
Aluminum based printed circuit boards also have shielding effect. They can replace brittle ceramic substrates. They can also safely use surface mount technology. Instead of radiators and other components, they also improve their heat resistance and physical properties, reduce production costs and save labor.

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