Requirements for PCB multilayer board circuit board

Release date:2017-11-06 15:22:49

Requirements for PCB multilayer board circuit board
(1) the power plane should be close to the ground plane, closely coupled to the ground plane and arranged under the ground plane.
(2) the signal layer should be adjacent to the inner electric layer and should not be directly adjacent to the other signal layers.
(3) isolation of digital and analog circuits. If the condition is allowed, the analog signal line and the digital signal line are arranged stratified, and the shielding is used.
Measures, if required to be arranged on the same signal layer, it is necessary to reduce interference by means of isolating and ground lines; analog and digital circuits.
The power and the land should be separated from each other and can not be mixed.
(4) the high frequency circuit has a large external interference, and it is best to arrange it separately. The middle signal layer directly adjacent to the inner electric layer is used to transmit the high frequency circuit.
It is convenient to use the copper film of the inner layer to reduce the external interference.

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