What are the features of the aluminum substrate?

Release date:2017-11-06 15:21:56

First, compared to other products, SMD package technology used on the surface of the aluminum base is the most advanced, because it uses the SMT chip technology, it can be firmly fixed to ensure that every small element aluminum substrate effectively, but also can ensure a good surface effect;
Second: because the aluminum substrate generates heat at work, so the surface temperature will increase, but if its surface temperature is too high it will directly affect the normal work of the aluminum substrate, because in order to effectively solve the heat problem, manufacturers in the production of aluminum substrate put a lot of energy and financial resources to the circuit design of it was improved, so developed the new type of circuit can effectively be aluminum substrate is diffusion heat generated by the time out, but also effectively reduce the heat when working;
Third: in order to ensure that the aluminum substrate has a very reliable performance and power density, when the manufacturers of aluminum substrate adopts the latest production technology, such products will have a very low heat at work, so in the first aspect can effectively improve the use of the product life;
Fourth: compared with traditional aluminum plate products, aluminum plate of the new volume is also reduced to a large extent, it will be in when assembling the spare parts is very simple, but also can effectively reduce the assembly time, so the assembly cost has been greatly reduced.

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