Key points for process control of aluminum substrate

Release date:2017-11-06 15:19:52

Key points of process control
1) making negatives: due to the existence of lateral corrosion, the accuracy of drawings and lines must be equal. Therefore, it is necessary to make certain process compensation when drawing the negatives. The compensation value must be determined according to the side corrosion value of Cu with different thickness. The film is negative.
2) preparation: try to purchase sheet 300mm * 300mm fixed size and Al surface and Cu surface in the maintenance of membrane, preferably in Rogers. The dielectric constant is the same as that of the drawing.
3) making graphics:
A, because this process needs to stop the maintenance of Al base because of the need to stop before disposal, there are many ways. It is recommended to use 0.3mm thickness epoxy plate, the size should be the same as the Al substrate, and the tape will be blocked and compacted around to prevent infiltration of the solution.
B, the treatment of Cu surface treatment by chemical etching, the best effect.
C, after the treatment of Cu surface, dry immediately after the screen wet film, in order to prevent oxidation.
D, after the development, use the scale magnifying mirror to measure the line width and whether the clearance can reach the drawing request, so as to ensure the line lubrication without aliasing. If the thickness of the site is more than 4mm, it is proposed to take the developing roll of the developer to prevent the card from reworking.
4) etch: acid CuCl HCl solution corrosion. The solution is adjusted by the experimental plate. The M substrate is corroded when the etching effect is best, and the figure faces down to reduce the side erosion.
5) exterior treatment (dipping SN): after the etching process is completed, do not rush the film, immediately ready to dip Sn solution, that is, the film, that is, soak Sn, the best effect.
6) machine plus: when the shape is processed, the CNC milling machine should be used to open the parts of polytetrafluoroethylene and base board, so that we can prevent the phenomenon of stratification caused by the difference of thermal conductivity and deformation between them, and we should also face up to reduce the occurrence of burrs and layering.

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