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The company adheres to the growth of employees, believes in the people-oriented management concept, attaches importance to the development and training of talents, and striving to create various conditions for talents growth, so as to keep people in their careers, stay in development and stay in culture. The talent strategy is embodied in the following aspects:
1, help staff to establish career planning;
2, pay attention to personnel training, strengthen training and learning, to provide training and learning opportunities for employees to find and train the talent within the company through training, optimize the use of personnel, the company's success and personal growth together, go enterprise development road of learning, really make the realization of interaction between enterprises and employees";
3 rationalization proposals, the company at any time to receive the staff, and staff interaction, the formation of "friendly staff, good atmosphere staff love company, to create a standardized management and humanistic management combining the environment and atmosphere, through a variety of ways to cultivate their sense of honor, to stimulate enthusiasm for work;
4, the company provides two channels for personal development: technology and management technology of sequence sequence sequence, for employees to study according to the individual character and hobbies, to become experts in the field of talent management for the company; sequence on personal qualities evaluation basis for management personnel to have to carry out targeted training, the the role change to management.

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