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1, the company provides free accommodation;
2, employees enjoy high temperature allowance, lodging allowance, year-end award and all kinds of paid annual leave.
3, the company provides free health checks, buy five social insurance and one housing fund for employees (pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity, supplementary medical and housing provident fund);
4, regularly select outstanding monthly / annual staff, and give cash and domestic tourism awards.
5, the company has well-equipped sports venues, libraries, Internet cafes, etc., often play basketball, badminton, table tennis, table tennis match and Cara OK, dance and other recreational activities, to create a sense of "school" and "home" for employees.
6, the "today" monthly magazine fm-true everyone has a copy space to display their talent, provide for people and provide generous remuneration fm-true;
7, a sound training system, implementing different training classes for employees every year. Every year, there are multiple field technology grading examinations, and the employees who pass the examination can issue the national registration certificate and enjoy the technical allowance of 50-500 yuan per month.
8, a birthday present can be obtained in the month of the employee's birthday.
9. The employees have the opportunity of training, learning and promotion. All the cadres are employed by their employees.
10, the company adjusts wages for staff in strict accordance with the labor law and adjusts the range of 50~500 yuan.

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