The company is a professional company specializing in the production of high-end printed circuit board, a single-sided multi-layer board factory and medium-sized aluminum plate factory, FPC factory, SMT production line and a complete, can meet the needs of many kinds of PCB R & D and production, providing a wide range of circuit board products and technical solutions for terminal electronic products. The company in 2016 and settled in Zhongshan is rich in conventional HDI plate production factory is a focus on “ many varieties, small batch, short delivery time, PCB, ” R & D and manufacturing base in Shenzhen China plant area of 5000 square meters, more than 300 employees, including professional and technical personnel than the rate of 35%, undergraduate and graduate academic staff ratio of nearly 10%.
•Exquisite workmanship
Thickness: 0.2MM~4.0MM, minimum aperture: 0.15MM; layer number: 1~20 layer;
Line width / spacing:0.075MM(3Mil)/0.075MM(3Mil)
+/-0.1MM impedance control +/-10% for the minimum resistance welding Bridge
Can produce 5OZ thick copper plate, thick plate electric, 100UM 10U’ ’ chemical nickel gold plate
At present, the company has passed the authentication of ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL and other organizations. All the products meet the standards of IPC, RoHS and so on. Since its establishment, the company has established a strong R & D team, focusing on the development of new technologies, such as high frequency, high TG, high CTI, impedance, blind hole, rigid and flexible combination, double-sided aluminum and halogen free, and has achieved good results.
•Rapid production capacity
The company model general delivery 3 days, the fastest can be completed within 12 hours, mass production of general 5~7 days delivery, the fastest in 72 hours to start delivery.
•A unique concept of SMT
In order to meet the coordinated development of the market and the company, the company set up the SMT production line in 2017 to meet the one-stop customer service. Special service sample patch development.

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